This is a really good news.

Advertising is a cancer to quality information.

Most newspapers have two main sources of funding.

A) Subscribers

B) Advertisers.

There is a phenomenon that very people know but that is an open secret in the media industry.

Journalists are instructed to not investigate / hit hard the corporations that buy ads. Because if they do that, there might be serious consequences.

Take for instance the newspaper Le Monde.

After they published an investigation into Bernard Arnault's offshore tax affairs, Arnault ordered to punish them by withdrawing all LVMH ads for months.

The newspaper lost 600,000 euros.


In the United Kingdom, The Telegraph refused to publish information about HSBC's illegal tax affairs, out of fear of offending HSBC, which is a major advertiser


There are so many examples.

It's very well illustrated by Noam Chomsky in his book "Manufacturing Consent"

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