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Asymmetric bets can make you wealthy

Nvidia beats Bitcoin


Lets dive into today’s post:


One of the ways to be successful in life is to take Asymmetrical Bets - opportunities which have small probability of success, but huge payoffs if they come off. These opportunities exist in Career and in Investing - where only a small amount of investment can turn into life-changing sums.

Blockchains and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been two transformational digital technologies to come out in the last 10 years, giving life changing returns to investors.

Bitcoin and Nvidia are the two most famous names in this industry both giving over 10,000% returns in the last 10 years. Off late, Nvidia has surged ahead of Bitcoin due to the AI boom, but early investors in either would have been immensely pleased with their performance.

What do you think are such asymmetric opportunities for investment in the next 10 years? Here are top 3 suggestions from the 1500+ readers of this newsletter:

  • Artificial intelligence - Its just getting started

  • Biotech / Genomics - We haven’t seen a breakthrough company yet here

  • Electric Vehicles / Sustainability / Climate Change - One of the most pressing problems of the next 10 years for humanity to solve


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That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! 👋

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